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victory is mine

nothing is going to stop me
I have always been a fighter
Do you think you could break me
try harder
I’m always ready for a fight
you need to start working on yourself
if you want to reach my level
you would not be able to grow
if you just stay neutral
think about that for second
take your time with it
I ain’t stressing
go and live your best life
and keep it moving
I am doing what I can
that’s why I will always stay growing

Good Times

feeling good
that’s one of the best feelings
but it has a hidden meaning
I need to stop fighting
and start living
thankfully I have a God who is so forgiven
he even stopped me from sinning
I don’t know about you
but I call that living
so cheers
cheers to us still dreaming
cheers to finding things worth believing
cheers to us
how lucky are we to have this feeling

God’s Child

you have never let me know
you have always been around
when I needed you the most
you decided to stay close
that’s why I love you so much
you always stayed in touched
so close and never far away
I care about you but like you cared for me
I love you
you showed me your love
by dying on the cross for me
I’m not sure if I ever truly thanked you
I will forever prove to you my love for you
what you did
it’s unmatched
no one has ever topped your love
it feels like heaven
something beautiful
with your love
all I can do is say
Thank you & I love you

Lets talk this out

i beg of you
let me explain
i just want you to hear me out
please hear me out
let me feel my pain
with everything that im going through
hear me out
listen to what im saying to you
maybe it could help you

I will be alright

I was afraid
I was at the point of giving up
I believed
Well I thought
I wasn’t good enough
I thought
I thought I should try my luck
But it didn’t add up to much
But then I met you
You showed me a different route
You showed me how to love myself
You showed me how to live
Now I walk
With no doubts playing around
I guess I got you to thank
Thank you
Thank you for sticking around
I guess I need to open my eyes a bit wider
Because now I see
All I needed
All I need is me

Daily Reminder

When I say live
I mean it
Believe in it
I mean it
Never look back
Never be afraid
See the world
Open your eyes
The day is not over
It’s just begun
What a great feeling
What’s the true meaning
Take that chance
Don’t think of the risks
You can do anything
Remember the beauty inside of you
Let it out
Let it shine
That’s right
Shine that bright light

Let me show you

You think I’m wrong
But I’m right
You think I’m all talk
But you will see
Watch how I fight
You think I’ll never change
Allow me to change your thought
You think I’m acting strange
But I call it growth
You wonder
Why is my life like this
Beating me down
You cant take get over this
I believe you just don’t realise how strong our God is
He will bring you strength when you need it
You worry about me
But never forget that
I’m a child of God
I got the Lord on my side
You think it’s all games
But I’m the queen in this game

How could you

I blame you
Everything is your fault
I blame you
I lose everything
You are the reason why I got caught
It’s all your fault
That’s why I blame you
You know what you did
You knew the life that I lived
Don’t act like you didn’t know what this is
I blame you for this

My game plan

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I have missed you
Not just a little bit
But a lot
I have missed you
So very much
I don’t think you understand
We need to be together
Let me come up with a plan
The plan that won’t be left in the sand
I will work
Trust me
It will work

Head F*ck

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How do I know if I’m making the correct move
Should I go with my heart or my mind
Should I listen to what people say
Or should I stand on what I have to say
I believe that I can do it all
But yet I feel so small
My mind is all over the place
What should my next mission be
Should I walk by faith
Or walk by sight
At least I would be able to see
My mind is just all over the place