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This is for the supports
The people who help each other
The people who love one another

This is for the lovers
For all the supportive mothers and fathers
For the lovers who respect their panters

This is for the teachers
Who teaches people a lesson
Who can help you count to seven

This is for the doctors
Who heals you from being sick
Who can kick start your health kick

This is for the lawyers
Who gets you out of troubles
Who can lift your sentence off

This is for the people
The people who actually care
The people who dream
The people who will always be there

Take 3

At first,
It was a shock
It becomes a mystery
Well to me

I sit and wonder
Why did you leave
You left me

I wasn’t ready
You knew that
You left

You didn’t even say goodbye
Not one goodbye
It’s like you wanted to go
You wanted to see me cry
I don’t know what I’ve done

Let me put things right
Give me a chance
I promise you
I’ll do right

No matter what it takes
I won’t let you down
You just have to give me a chance

I need you to give me a reason
A reason for me not to fall
From that, we could do anything

Let us build a home
Just me and you
Just us two

What do you say

Come and see growth

Big changes
It always takes a little time to get used to
Think about it
Changes create you
Think about it
When something doesn’t work out
Maybe the problem is you
Think about it
You might not see it
But changes can bring good luck
Think about it
It a thing that could set you apart
Apart from everyone else
Think about it
separate your life from everything else
So just
Think about it

With you

When you fall asleep
I wonder
My eye linger onto your mind
Are you thinking of me
Thoughts in my head
If you
Placing me in bed
My head on your chest
Are you thinking of me
Whilst your sleeping
Our union
Is our celebration
I’m here watching you sleep
Are you thinking of me
You see
I don’t tread lightly when it comes to you
My psychological thoughts paths the way to your eternal being
You don’t see what I’m seeing
Because your eyes are closed
But yet I can hear you breathing
So what I’m asking
Are you thinking of me
When you are sleeping


Let me hold you
Let me love you
Let me show you
What love is
Because tomorrow not promise
So let me show you
Let me love you
Let me hold your
Your hands
Because tomorrow is not promise
So this cant be our last kiss

break it up

So close
But yet so far
Im near to you
So why aren’t you around

what can you do

I don’t think that there’s nothing you can do
I don’t believe that there’s nothing I can you
The twist and turns
When it comes down to it
I think you make it all about you
What do you expect me to do
Learn from your mistakes
Then correct your thoughts
We can all grow from heartbreak
But there’s a cost
Are you willing to take that risk
Think about it

What do you think

I got nothing to talk about
I guess I am running out of things to do
I got nothing to talk about
That’s all for the end of the day
I got nothing to talk about
Nothing that comes in mind
I got nothing to talk about
Do not worry I am okay
I got nothing to talk about
Do you have anything else to say
I got nothing to talk about
What do you expect me to say?
I got nothing to talk about
That’s all for me

Should I ?

I thought I was weak
But I’m still standing
I guess I never really believed in myself
So I took it out of myself
I didn’t know my wealth
As crazy as it sounds
I am a QUEEN
Who has lost their crown
I will find it
Just not right now
I don’t feel like myself
I don’t feel proud
I don’t like who I am
But I know who I want to be
When I close my eyes and dream
I see the future me
Maybe ill grow out of it
Maybe ill get better
Maybe I could keep myself up
Or maybe it’s just me
Maybe I’m broke inside
Or should I give it 1 last try?
Should I

Facts of life

You can try
But it just won’t work
You can do anything
But you got to put in the work
How much time and energy are you ready to put in?
We only just started
It is not the end
People say when one door closes another one opens
I will help you open doors
I’ll never close them off
I got your back
I got you no matter what
Your my friend for life
And that’s based on a fact
I’ve watched you grow
I just hope that you never look back