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i wont be there

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you can go
but I won’t go there
you can see what it’s like
but I can’t go with you
there is no need for my presence
you are needed
I won’t be wanted
there’s a difference

The looks

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I felt it
The looks
I felt it
They were embarrassed for me
I wonder what they are thinking
Do they know what’s on my mind
Why do I feel so naked
All was it all in my head
I better get to work
They should too

Thinking about you

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I know I don’t measure up baby
But I am kind of in a rush baby
You can tell me to shush
But just can’t stop thinking about you
Baby, you don’t see what I don’t see
You don’t see me
I’m feeling you
I like the way you move
I like the way you talk
The way you walk
The cats out of the bag
But don’t get me started on that ass of your
You are the whole package
God sent me to you
1st class
Pour your love over me
I’ll open my doors willingly
With no hesitation
Let me be your temptation
My love is strong
Bless me
So that I can thank you

a tale between two lovers

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I liked him because he was nice to me
He uses to say sweet words
He spoke so politely
But then he started acting
Acting strangely
That’s what scared me
How one can move so differently
He was kind one minute
Then rough the next
He will tell me that he loved me
Then blame me on why he got vexed
I had no control over his anger
To which that I knew
But I loved him
So I didn’t react
I knew the day will come when people would start asking questions
But I knew how to lie for him
Those lies were his blessings
I think he knew that I was strong
But his love made me weak
I thought that’s what kept me strong
When he would run back to me apologising
For all the mistakes that he has made
I felt sorry for him
That’s why I let him in
His debt has been made
But now my eyes are open
I can see now
As clear as day
This is not love
He needs to see my pain
Maybe I should help him in some sort of way
Hurt him
Like he hurt me
Showing him cuts and bruises
Do you think that would make him see
I should teach him a lesson
He will never forget
Let’s see what happens
When he’s in pain
It will be a job well done for me
After it’s done
I hope to live life
Just comfortable

keep it short

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There have been many times when I have just run out of things to say
I believe that this is okay
Sometimes silence is the best option
But that’s just my opinion

going through it

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I don’t think that you guys understand
I am going through it
I just put a smile on my face
I don’t want to show it
You may think all is well
But I have been going through it
At times like this.. you find out how strong you are
Because all you have is yourself
When you start to believe in yourself you will go far
Never overthink
You could do so much more
Never look for a reason to question yourself
You are the key that could open the door
You are built in a way that makes you strong
The words that you speak upon yourself
Will help you carry on
I have been going through it
But I am not giving up
I have been going through it
I am my good luck charm
I have been going through it
And I will still march on
What I am is beautiful
What I am is perfect
I am going through it
Cause I know by tomorrow
It will all be worth it

Facts of life

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Why is life so hard
Why do we work day and night
And all we are left is scars
Why can’t I just put my feet up
Why can’t life just bring me good luck
Why do I have to worry all the time
Why can sunlight enter my life
Do I do wish for things to be fine
I try not to be negative about the way things are going
So I do apologise if it sounds like I’m moaning
I just wish life was easy
I just wish life was simple
So I wouldn’t have to stress
I wish my life were like other peoples
Maybe it’s just me
Maybe I’m speaking too loudly
I just hope that God can hear me


When I feel down
I know that I can call you
When I feel weak
My heart stands strong
I only standstill
Because I am waiting for you to guide me
You are my peace
So I never have to worry
When I don’t feel strong
You always give me a helping hand
You picked me up
So I could move mountains
You show me love
So I can show others too
I am here
Because you never left me
And ill always be here
If you ever needed me

Its Messed Up

Let me give you some time
Before I give you a piece of my mind
Since you think that I’m basic
Don’t be acting like you are something
Look at all this love you just wasted
Telling me that you are ready to give me the world
Boy you better stop
You better stop talking all that nonsense
And start talking some sense
Why you calling on Jesus for
Are you ready to repent
Acting as you love me
Flying into this dangerous proximity
You ain’t getting this honey bee
With my luck
You will just end up stinging me
That not what love is
That’s, not whats it supposed to be
But you still going by the same line
I mean lie
I love you
You love to use it
When I am saying bye to you
What should I do

I’m Still In Love With You

I hate you
I hate what you have done to me
I hate what you have put me through
But for some reason
I still love you
But I don’t know if I could be with you
Any more
I feel like we are growing apart
When we should be growing together
You mattered to me
But I don’t matter to you
You can see that I do
But we both know that’s not true
My heart is lonely
Things are not the same
Things have changed
We both should move on
It’s not that I don’t love you
I still do
I got to let you go
I can’t keep holding on
When there’s nothing left
I still love you