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Hello guy, i thought i should share another poem with you 🙂 Enjoy!!

My emotions are like fire, you can get it started, but you can also light it off.
Holding back the pain which is even wrong
You can actually put these words to a song.
When lighting strikes thunder is not far behind it
When I get close to a human being, my emotions start to turn.
Hitting the light just making sure you would not burn.
As time changes so does the person that you are.
Things start to get clearer,
Emotions start to change for better or for the worse.
Sometimes I feel like I’ve been cursed of having feelings that has been buried inside me.
Dignity is a choice
You can lose it with your emotions, or get it back.
I have never felt this way before,
This is my first time can somebody help me.
I feel like am trapped in a box where I can’t breathe any oxygen.
I feel like I am losing everything, bit by bit.
How can something feel so right, but yet so wrong?
How would I ever see my loved ones again, the moment that we shared.
The tears I’ve shattered across my face.
How would I get out of this understanding pain, my emotions can tell it all.
From the time I get up to the time I fall. 

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