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Monthly Archives: May 2013

The place where I was once loved

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The place where I was once loved


I have been looking,
to find a place of my own,
a place I can call home,
I dream to once more
see the light,
as it, escape the darkness.

Once I was able,
to lift myself up,
start again,
those words you spoke,
I knew it came, from a friend,
those colors I did not see,
replaced the grey clouds,
that stood on top of me.

The touch from you,
which I felt was wrong,
I should not have allowed,
my emotions,
to get the best of me,
yet those memories we shared,
I will cherish faithfully.

Now I know, it was not the place,
I could call my own,
just not the place,
I could call my own.


Am Sorry

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Am Sorry

Am sorry, I am sorry for what I have done.
I am sorry for believing that you were my number one.
I am sorry for crying myself to sleep.
I am sorry for not doing what you told me to do.
I am sorry for treating you like a kid.
I am sorry for forgiving you the days that you hit me.
I am sorry for thinking that you can change.
I am sorry if I started acting strangely.
I am sorry for telling you that I love you.
I am sorry for ever falling in love with you.
I am sorry for the pain I caused myself, the fact that I didn’t run away.
I am sorry for placing your gun in my hands.
I am sorry for the sound “BANG” “BANG” “BANG”.
I am sorry for making you bleed,
Watching you die, it didn’t even make me cry.
What I am mostly sorry for was even saying bye.


Makes You Think

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Makes You Think

Trapped and no door will open.
Lost and nowhere to be found.
Fallen, not on solid ground.
Being two places at once, trying to find your way out.
Scream, no one can hear you shout.
Scared because you are alone, go and find your way home.
Inner voices in your head.
Whispering sounds ‘be careful, you could be in danger’
Trying to take the pressure of wishing it was someone else instead.
The outcome of it all was not what you were hoping for.
Opening your eyelids, you see clearly.
Leaning to the left cause it is your safety place, which is actually not the case.
The outcome of it all has to be put in the past to make you strong
The hope of it all that you would live longer.