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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ophelia (based on Shakespeare’s play—Hamlet)

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Love turned to isolation, causing depression which gave me a reason to show my lover a lesson.
Changing power into situation, I had a reputation; I had a high level of respect.
Made sure my love never moved to neglect.
Torn between my father and my lover.
Hunting for the right mind to making the right choice.
What has been planned, has already been done.
Not a spoken word, not even a song to be sung.
The fear in both of their eyes took everyone by surprised.
Everything which I have been through is down to you.
My entire target has been accepted by you.
To you my love was never true.
To be dived in a relationship, love should be provided.
I was pushed to become someone am not, changing to become a sinner instead of a lover.


I Hope You Dance

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Trying to be something you’re not,
Fighting for that one last chance,
But does it really matter,
Having something to hold on to,
When one door closes another door opens,
Sad but not forgotten,
Letting thing slip away,
We cannot always guarantee that easy things will come your way,
When everyone has a price to pay,

Are you living or existing?
Standing on a promise that turns into life,
Being alone is like listening to a sad song,
With all the might  you have,
Feel tall, even if bits of you feel small,
You’ve got to fight for love with all your fears behind you,
A smile can go a long way.

Wishing on a star,
Hoping it comes true,
Having faith is the key,
The key that can open doors,
With that one chance it can bring out so much more.