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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Behind A Home

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You left me with nothing
Just with the mind of a misunderstanding child
Left and alone.
I was lost even though I was at home
The happiness which you brought came to an end
The love that was once there has come to past.
The words that I don’t speak keeps you entertained
You walk like justice shouldn’t be deserved
What you have seen today is unheard

Not my fault, you can’t open your eyes to realise that it’s all gone
This house was never a home
Your faith will only be there if you stay strong
The respect I had for you can’t be mended as it is tainted by the lies.
There’s a story through my cries.
I cried because of you.
Your tender heart is the one thing that I am missing.
I say you left me with nothing
Just with the mind of a misunderstanding child,
Left alone . . . .


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There’s a girl that meets this boy
They fall in love, but he treats her like a toy
She doesn’t understand why
She loves him
Deep down she really cares about him
He lives far away so she won’t be able to see him
To hold him and hug the way she wants to
Sadly, she knows it can never be true.
She holds on to him because she can’t be alone
Her friends don’t know why she still won’t leave him alone
A day goes by and she is still falling for this guy
He knows she is not shy
The love and hate that’s between them is shocking
For some reason it looks like they believe in their dream
To be together to stay together forever and ever.