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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Good deed

Serving for what is right,
Not just for you, for other people too.
Will you be able to stand if you only had one good hand?
Doing good deeds set a great path for the right of justice, the sweetness of purity,
The breakthrough for love
Life is full of risks
Take the chance of something which could be amazing

Life brings: Happiness, Sadness, Courage, Respect, Pride

All of those things are what you need in life
With this you could never feel powerless
When there are people with nothing
But at least all they have to show is their smile
Their smiles on their faces bring out the stars in the sky
Having patience for the sun to come up
A good deed would bring great happiness



She is a human.
A person someone can love.
Someone to trust,
Someone that other people care about,
She is not loud, but she can shout.
She believes in what is right
She fights for her rights.
She believes in the heavens above.
She understands that people may not like her.
She fears that they may hate her
She does not want that to happen.
She understands that no one is perfect.
She feels like she can get there if she takes it bit by bit.
All she wants is happiness in her life.
She will work hard for it because that is who she is.