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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Not there

That one person that can make you laugh can also make you cry
That one person when they start talking to you, you suddenly get shy
Seeing things that are even there,
Important words you want to say
But will others hear?

Keeping a secret is not always perfect
The same way as life its what you make of it
Your heart can live with a lie
There should be a reason, a reason that you live this lie

When you create choices, keep your heart and your mind straight
Then you would be able to let people enter your life
Don’t be scared
Be prepared

Start changing your ways to live for the important days
Things may change, don’t think you’re the one to blame
There will always be a time when you get the chance to fly


Unlikely Hero

Nothing can compare to you the Unlikely Hero
Going to fight evil
Not being the sharpest of them all
Not being the shortest, when everyone else is standing tall
The Unlikely Hero,
More like zero
Hitting the town and painting it red, in the very unlikely dress
Pretending to yourself what you can’t be
Seeing the dreams which should be
In the city,
The city of sin, your dreams can shatter

Not listening to any love songs
Protecting yourself from anything strong
The Unlikely Hero is you
Something that you are just holding on

Thieves of Every Flavor

Legends of Windemere

One of the most common and popular character types in fantasy is the thief.  Now, you normally see these as comic relief, the betrayer, the criminal with a heart of gold, and other roles.  Honestly, it’s difficult to make a thief still be a criminal while being a true hero.  So, they stumble and fall in the moral department rather often.  All that being said, I’m here to mention something else.

Many times you see a generic thief.  They have no specialties and seem to be masters of every aspect of the trade.  There’s no favorite crime or skill weakness for these guys.  Other times they’re a pickpocket and that’s just about it.  Picking a lock always falls in there too.  Yet, what if you want to make a specialized thief for your story?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Pickpocket–  Let’s get this guy out of the way.  These…

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