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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Moon Smile

Prose, Poetry, and Knick Knacks (formerly One Poem A Day)

The moon smiles up in the sky

And I can’t help but smile back

Always in awe of her beauty

How lovely is the moon’s smile

How gorgeous is she

How lucky I am to witness such beauty

I thank God for the moment given

I thank God for sharing his wondrous creation

On I went to work at early dawn

With the moon as great company

Smiling brightly like it has for so many times

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My Skin

You can see me, but you don’t see all of me
You see the colour of my skin
Why can’t you see the strength that I have within
I exist on the path to rightness, I speak on what is glorious
But you don’t see what I see
You can’t live past the colour of my skin
You walk past me with a frown on your face
I was someone you once loved
Now I am someone you must hate.
From the scars on my back will be the reminder on what you did to me.
The greys in my hair will show the time that I have lost just because you felt that my life should come with a cost
You can see me, but you don’t see all of me
All you wish to see is the colour of my skin
The colour that I live in.