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Monthly Archives: December 2014

One Wish

One Wish


If I had a wish it will be for you,
To make your hopes and dreams come true,
The love I have for you boy,
Don’t compare to happiness, its priceless,

When the day comes remember me,
Remember the words I spoke to you faithfully,
If you’re feeling hurt I’ll ease the pain,
I will let the sun shine, just to stop the rain,
For you, yes you,

There have been times when you have past by,
The look that you don’t give away makes me wanna cry,
With this one wish I grant you an angel,
Surely they will guide you to be something special ..
Cause you are very special,

When the morning rises don’t forget,
Don’t forget you haven’t beat the best day yet,
Here in my heart is where you belong,
This is why am standing here singing this song,
For you, yes you,

When you love someone your mind can go on and on inside,
Don’t be afraid am standing right here…
Am just waiting for you to say,
Yes my dear,

When the day comes think me,
Think the words I spoke to you faithfully,
If you’re feeling hurt I’ll ease the pain,
I will let the sun shine, just to stop the rain,
For you, yes you


Spoken Word part 3

You see what I did there I treated you fair but it seems to me like you just don’t care anymore. I think it’s time for me to close the door on this relationship but I have the tendency to leave things open. It’s strange how you know the right words to say you know how it moves me every day. That’s what I loved you for we were meant to be together to last forever but some things don’t work as it seems. You would tell me fairy tale stories to keep me close which was why I never wanted to wake up form this dream. As days goes by I realised that they were just words you lacked compassion so I prayed for some action. And all I got was rejection and how I am looking at my refection asking myself why am I here. I need a man not a boy not a person who plays with me like i’m their favourite toy. I want a person who is a provider, a lover you loves me all of me inside and out because the booty is not what am about. These are the things that I need and what you can’t give. So let me just walk away slowly and close the door so a good man can open the door and give me more.

Spoken Word part 2

I need you.
I need you to help me understand why you think a man like you can’t do no wrong.
Why you believe when a man puts his foot down that’s the end of the story.
Help me understand how you know the meaning of sorry.
Because I want to know,
I want to know why you think I should grow up and follow your rules, like am some fool of the streets.
Help me understand the meaning of power, as you use as an honor.
You see a real man would never put his hands on a lady.
A real man would show other boys how to treat their baby.
If you did this I would have treated you like a king,
You better pray to Jesus before I commit a sin.
I know the war ain’t over because the battle has just begun.
Round one we fight, you hit, I slap, you kick,
Then I react, you change direction, I fall, you move to the left, whiles I crawl to safety.
You stop then and look at me then realise what you’ve have done to the person you call your baby.
Should we of fought maybe, maybe not,
But I can tell you what I learned a lesson that day some practices can’t be taught.

Soul Systems @ Christmas

Have a listen to my radio show Soul Systems @ Christmas. I interviewed Lewis Elliot McWilliam and Jay Lash and Steve !! I also played some soul records…
Enjoy !!

Spoken Word

I respect what you are saying, but it’s my choices, my rules my life that am living in. I respect what you are saying, but times are changing we now live in a world where many young people grow up without a pot to piss in. But I somehow still respect what you are saying. Believe me when I say am learning and growing to become a better person praying that my sins are forgiven. Working hard so that I can pay people back with the money I have been earning.  That’s why I respect what you are saying because there is some truth to it. You have shown me what’s right and what’s wrong. You have shown me just because we are different doesn’t me we can’t get along. That’s why as a black woman am standing strong, showing these young girls that you should follow your dreams and achieve your goals. That it doesn’t matter what other people say or do as long as your heart is true. You see that’s what I respect most about you. You overlook the mistake that I have done, the rude comment which I gave; all you see is just the proud woman that God made. You see I respect you, because you don’t see me as bobo the fool, you know about my past about those relationships that didn’t last, and that time you gave me a life lesson caught me steal and whooped my ass. But that’s now just a thing of the past. Am different now I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I know that not everyone will get along. But that’s okay am cool with that I know how to treat other and respect myself because you taught me that