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We would cover our eyes
not to see the lies,
we would cover our ears,
to not hear the fears,
we protect our hearts from pain,
we try to open our minds,
to see what things we can gain.
we stay in control
yet hold onto things we can’t maintain.
we speak on what we see,
and preach about things,
that is needed to be seen,
we walk through the path,
that which was given to us,
never seeing the path,
which is right for us?
we stand, by what we know,
and stay away from things,
that would help us grow,
because we don’t like change,
suffering is what we go through,
to get to where we are.
through this, we come out fighting,
having the will to still keep on trying.
there is no denying,
that our thoughts haunt us,
but as we see, that the end is near,
that’s when we realise
what we are doing, is right for us.
Its right being here,
hard work is what we have gained,
courage is what we now have,
with our feet, we show others what we can do,
With our tongue we speak,
on the words that are true.
Because we followed a path, our path,
the one which from the start you said
we can never do.


My Last Story

Remember that day in September?
or was it November.
The day you said goodbye,
in this wonderful world of misjudgment;
you saw a rain drop, flowing for my eyes.
The one problem I wouldn’t find.
The nightmare to end all dreams
woken up, to what could have been.
As I wait for your phone call,
to hear your soft spoken words
to hear that sentence, I’ve never heard
‘I miss you’.
Then I will be able to understand,
letting the pain go away
will you then believe what I have to say?
Did I do something wrong,
was it the fact that I?
had listened to too many love songs.
I bet you’re scared,
and your biggest fear
was that I could be too strong.
I presented you with trust
as in any relationship, it’s a must.
You use to be my life and soul;
now I tell myself it’s time to grow.
The time hits the clock.
As I stand here, tick tock,
in my high heels, tick tock
in my favorite dress
I know what time it is.
a time to remember, my last story.

If You Dont

It was my mistake.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it, am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special,
to feel right.
To be at peace.
“I’ve dreamed
about this happening,
people do say
some dream doesn’t come true.
Believing in yourself
was a job?
loving you was a career.
Thank you
for casting away
all my deepest fears.
Thank you for being there.
These words I need
to make clear,
to show you
the outline of my heart,
the thoughts of my mind,
and the looks in my eyes.
These words bring me here.
To you,
to fight for the final battle.
I can’t make you love me.
I can’t tell you
what you should see.
I sit here dreaming
of my mistakes,
the mistake which I create.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it and am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special….

Out Of The Box

Hello Everyone. !

I am doing a radio show called Out of the Box Out of the Box is a radio show produced by Me, and two other girls called Jess and Jade. Throughout our radio show we discuss music and event that are happening in Liverpool. We also interview musicians…and play their music. and let everyone know what cool event are happening every month..

You can listen to this radio show right on LCR (Liverpool Community Radio Station)…

LCR is an internet based radio station and here is the link:


Check it about and tell me what you think… our 1st show will be on Friday 6th February 2015 tune in 🙂 Coming Soon….



Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am super grateful for my life and what God has provided for me.. ! 🙂

Turning 21 !!! Big Stuff

Imagine That ?

This poem is a poem that i collaborated with  the wonderful Patricia 🙂 Enjoy

you never know all the things you can accomplish
unless you put forth and try
lets not defeat before we consider things
we have to face our fears and look them straight in the eye

The best things in life are free
Life is a lesson
That is why you should count every blessings
Be true to who you are
Because you never know you could be that shining star

each day is a gift

keep smiling it could actually lift
someone who is feeling down
just your presence and radiance can make a difference
when it surrounds

We live for those special moments
Where something can make a difference
Where you can shout out and say that you was a witness
Where you dont have to wait in line
Imagine that, imagine no one left behind.

Two poets collaborating together
bring sunshine and smiles no matter the weather
never met before before its okay
they have skills and connect anyway
they are rhyming with each other quickly back to back
no one would have thought they could – imagine that

I Will No Longer



My mind has been recovered from all negative thoughts from last year.

I will no longer think of suicidal thoughts. I now go to God for my comfort.

I will no longer think only of my self.

It’s not only about us. I will no longer let anyone hold me back from my dreams.

If you tell me that I’m nothing,

I will work ten times harder.

So I dare you to try me.

I will no longer have a depressed look on my face.

I will smile from the morning till midnight.

I will no longer be disobedient to my family.

In the bible it says that we have to be obedient to our parents.

I will no longer hold back from writing deep poems about my life.

The deeper ones have the most meaning.

I will go deep and deep until it makes me cry.

I can get…

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