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I Will No Longer



My mind has been recovered from all negative thoughts from last year.

I will no longer think of suicidal thoughts. I now go to God for my comfort.

I will no longer think only of my self.

It’s not only about us. I will no longer let anyone hold me back from my dreams.

If you tell me that I’m nothing,

I will work ten times harder.

So I dare you to try me.

I will no longer have a depressed look on my face.

I will smile from the morning till midnight.

I will no longer be disobedient to my family.

In the bible it says that we have to be obedient to our parents.

I will no longer hold back from writing deep poems about my life.

The deeper ones have the most meaning.

I will go deep and deep until it makes me cry.

I can get…

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