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My Last Story

Remember that day in September?
or was it November.
The day you said goodbye,
in this wonderful world of misjudgment;
you saw a rain drop, flowing for my eyes.
The one problem I wouldn’t find.
The nightmare to end all dreams
woken up, to what could have been.
As I wait for your phone call,
to hear your soft spoken words
to hear that sentence, I’ve never heard
‘I miss you’.
Then I will be able to understand,
letting the pain go away
will you then believe what I have to say?
Did I do something wrong,
was it the fact that I?
had listened to too many love songs.
I bet you’re scared,
and your biggest fear
was that I could be too strong.
I presented you with trust
as in any relationship, it’s a must.
You use to be my life and soul;
now I tell myself it’s time to grow.
The time hits the clock.
As I stand here, tick tock,
in my high heels, tick tock
in my favorite dress
I know what time it is.
a time to remember, my last story.

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