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Freestyle – Spoken Work

Check out what I have been working on…putting poetry to music.

The Lyrics: 

V1: There is a dark cloud hovering us
In which we need to feed each other with love and trust
But what we cannot do is look back
Look back to the sad, crying and dying times
We need to stick together to form a unity, make a line

A line that we can’t cross
A line that shows us how we got lost
Through all of this mayhem, through the fights
Through these sleepless hours, through the terrifying nights
I still love you

V2: Let’s make a change, something that we can gain
Because in order to see a rainbow
There’s no sunshine without the rain
We must think clearly
And change our reactions
I know you care
That’s why I speak with so much passion

What we did let us forget
Because tomorrow is a new day that we haven’t seen yet
Am sorry for how things turned out
Am sorry if I brought this dark cloud
Am sorry for what ive done
Just remember that I still love you, my number one

V3: Thank you for listening to what I have to say
Thank you for telling me that you are okay
Because I was worried about you
That you didn’t want to hear me out
I thought that you didn’t love me anymore
I thought that you wanted to end this chapter
Close the door
But I can now see in your eyes that you just want more

More love from me
More trust, more honesty
More heart, more respect
Which you felt you weren’t getting yet
Just remember that I still love, you my pet

V4: As the dark cloud drifts by
I now see why it was hovering us
Making sure we understood that
We got to fight for this love
There should be no shade between us only light
So let me take your hand and show you the person I am

I know that it will be work
And it’s not going to be very easy
But through these steps you will see a change
Just look back at the progress that we have gained

Just remember that I still love you, my one and only, my true love, my best friend.

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