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For what man should stand alone.
Weeping away, beating the rain from hitting the ground.
People ignore him like they don’t hear a sound.
He wasn’t the man that made them proud.
Forgiven they said but not forgotten they whispered.
The falling man looked up into the sky
And asked Lord do you hear my cry, do you see what is in front of me,
I stand alone this night by tomorrow I should be gone,
Will they say sorry, no am in the wrong.

He decided to take his final step and dried his eyes.
Then a light from the sky hits his face.
He knew that someone heard his cry.
He knew that he was being watched over, cared for, and loved.
At that moment, he understood that he had to live.
No matter what other people said.
He was misunderstood misread.
He took a step back and walked away,
From then he believed that everything was going to be okay.


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Here is our May show! On this show, we play music from the best Liverpool bands and musicians including: Lyra, SheBeat, Paul John Walker, Flynn’s Piece, The Jackobins, and an interview with Fatal Sacrament plus music. We also discuss some events taking place within the month of May! Hope everyone enjoys it!

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I Never Left

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I walked into our room hoping that she will still be there

I look into her mirror hoping that I will see her reflection

I look into her closest seeing her favourite dress

The one I told her she looked good in best

I feel a breeze maybe it was a sign from her

I call out her name but no response

I say it again, oh have I cried for so long

I hear footsteps wishing it was hers

I see a shadow the spitting image of hers

My head rises and I smile

She is here

As she walks in I touch her face

She touches my hand and kisses me

I still remember how she makes me feel

Some things never change

She looks at me and then walks away

I say her name one  more time and open my eyes

To my surprise, she was gone

It was just a dream

That I am unable to move on from

I lay by her side of the bed

And close my eye so we can meet again, my best friend