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I Never Left

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I walked into our room hoping that she will still be there

I look into her mirror hoping that I will see her reflection

I look into her closest seeing her favourite dress

The one I told her she looked good in best

I feel a breeze maybe it was a sign from her

I call out her name but no response

I say it again, oh have I cried for so long

I hear footsteps wishing it was hers

I see a shadow the spitting image of hers

My head rises and I smile

She is here

As she walks in I touch her face

She touches my hand and kisses me

I still remember how she makes me feel

Some things never change

She looks at me and then walks away

I say her name one  more time and open my eyes

To my surprise, she was gone

It was just a dream

That I am unable to move on from

I lay by her side of the bed

And close my eye so we can meet again, my best friend

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