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What does it mean?
Does it mean people trusting each other I
think it means two people hanging out with each other?
But a friendship is so much more,
friendship is something that everyone can doer.
Others think it is; People to hang around with, you enjoy their company.
To be a friend you have to someone that is friendly, funny, lovable, honest,
To listen to what someone says, a person that helps you out no matter what happens
Who is also respectful trust and worthy.
This is what people want in a friend
But people wish that they had friendship like others.
Some people say that they want a friend like with their mothers and fathers.
People have their ride or die friends
But sometimes they end up stabbing you in the back when you are not ready to fight back.
Friendship is hard to come by
You wish that your perfect friend will just come out of the sky.
There is a chance of that happening.

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