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Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Great Mystery

At what cost do you revive the gifts of life
In the depths of our thoughts,
In the mist of our ideas
In the flow of your body,
In the movement on your actions.
The understanding of my words shall show the truth.
To whom brings joy upon your life
Wishing to return to dreams another reality
The actions of people in this world
This world has taken upon me to search for the great mystery
To ask the questions that give the right explanations
Let me close my eye then count to ten then work out this calculation
To teach others this new transition
But as what cost
I’ve brought it upon myself to stand for a new wave of mankind
The sacrifices I would have to make to achieve history
Is all a part of the great mystery



What matters to me is family.
They let me be who I want to be.
They love me because of the words that I say,
I pray for each of them every day.
They understand where I am coming from,
They know my heart.
Family is where I belong
Family the people that believe in you
They don’t care about what others think of you
I would not change them for the world
I will not change them for diamonds and pearls.
As family equals love
That kind of Love that can only be sent from up above


Stretch every muscle

Source: Stretch every muscle