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My name is Eileen Kezia Tekyi, I have a passion for poetry, drawing and music. I am a very positive person. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and family, as everyone should spend time with the people they love.

Just My Thoughts” defines life experiences, placing emotions into words. Each poem relates to a different situation a person may face in life.
Genre: Family & Relationships / General Religion / Inspirational

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This poem is called ‘I Can Do Bad’ Everyone has a price to pay, when they have a lot to say. For the good of life is not have something that you want, it’s having something that you need. Running from the rain because you don’t want to feel the pain. The pain in which you might of cause looking back on the game you just lost. Betting that it is all over even though you just started; standing on your two feet, putting a brave face on, you don’t want people to think something was wrong. To wonder to dream where it all went wrong, your heart must move on. Searching for all the wrong reasons, living another person life is not a great feeling. I can do bad all by myself.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I am now a new follower, so I do hope you will follow back. It is great to see that you have made a dream come true by publishing your book – huge admirations for that!


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