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My stroy

There was once a girl…
She was happy
She was loved
She lived by God’s word
The man who lives heaven above
He showed her there is more to life than earth
He showed her how much she is worth
She had everything
Didn’t need nothing
Because she knew she was something
If she wanted something she can make it happen
Who needs peoples opinions.
When you God got you.
Maybe that’s the one thing they are missing.
Eventually, people find their way.
Especially when they were lost in the beginning
Life is all about being
I’m fulfilled and happy.
So you tell me…
Is there anything that I’m missing??



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I am here
I am here to thank you
I am here to bless you
I am here to take care of you
I am here to love you
I am here because of you.


I will never leave
I will not go
I will not hurt you
I will give you time
I will make sure you are mine
I will be the person you know I am


My heart beats for you
My heart wishes to be near you
My heart is for you
My heart cant stay away from you
My heart is  you


Watch me prove you wrong
Watch my actions
Watch how time works
Watch what happens
Watch our love grow
Watch when you see me


I am the truth
I will guide you to it
My heart will help you through it
Watch what you can do
Listen…i will always love you


When you need me

When you need me
No question asked me ill be there
When you need me
All you got to do is call
When you need me
I’ll pray for you
When you need me
I’ll be your angel
When you need me
I will dry your tears
When you need me
I will be next to you
When you need me
I will face your fears
When you need me
I will find a better day
When you need me
I will be there…

no matter how far or near…

Dont we all

We all make mistakes..
But you love to remind me of mine.
We need to learn to forgive
But you can’t forget what I did
We can change
But you think I’m still the same.
We all know how to grow
But you love to make me feel so small.
We have time on our hands
But it may look like
God has other plans


You mean something to me

You are the stars that shine brightly

You love me for me

Even on day when im not being me.

You live me up when needed

Your love has planted something within me

Cant you see

I believe in you and me,

Now thats something.

His Actions

His demeanor proved to be untrustworthy.
Through his eyes he was lost.
He believe his lies.
She believed she was hypnotised
She got caught up with emotion
Wishing his love was bigger than the ocean
Her mind was never laid to rest
He always tried to show her he was better than the rest
It was hard to believe what he actually achieved
Her time.
Her patience.
Her mind.
What he wouldn’t see is the sadness in her eyes
His time was running up..
Something that was his is now mine.
When you don’t treat someone right
Well then another person will
They lift them up
As they see what everyone

Because of you

We’ve been through toooo much for me to start with a new.
A new chapter….
A new lifestyle….
A new movement…
A new you…
People try to replace your love…
Trying to keep it fresh..
But my heart is old and dirty because of your mess…
I try to keep it clean..
But thoughts of you keep going through my head…
Ive been through too much with you..
To lay our love to rest.