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For what man should stand alone.
Weeping away, beating the rain from hitting the ground.
People ignore him like they don’t hear a sound.
He wasn’t the man that made them proud.
Forgiven they said but not forgotten they whispered.
The falling man looked up into the sky
And asked Lord do you hear my cry, do you see what is in front of me,
I stand alone this night by tomorrow I should be gone,
Will they say sorry, no am in the wrong.

He decided to take his final step and dried his eyes.
Then a light from the sky hits his face.
He knew that someone heard his cry.
He knew that he was being watched over, cared for, and loved.
At that moment, he understood that he had to live.
No matter what other people said.
He was misunderstood misread.
He took a step back and walked away,
From then he believed that everything was going to be okay.


Time for a change

Have you ever wondered about peoples and their lives
What it will be like if your were not in it

Have you ever had something in your hand
Then started thinking why dont I just bin it
Maybe you stop yourself because of what it holds inside of it

Have you ever looked at something and just get so upset
Possibly because you know cant have it, or glad that you are not in it.

You try to make a goal and it hurts when you dont reach it
So you put a smile on your face to not show that they were right
Because inside you know you know you still want to fight,

But they just dont understand
Because they are not you,
They dont know what you have to go through.

So to show them you can make it if you try again
Then it hits you its time for a change
To change their minds
Even if it feels strange

If You Dont

It was my mistake.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it, am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special,
to feel right.
To be at peace.
“I’ve dreamed
about this happening,
people do say
some dream doesn’t come true.
Believing in yourself
was a job?
loving you was a career.
Thank you
for casting away
all my deepest fears.
Thank you for being there.
These words I need
to make clear,
to show you
the outline of my heart,
the thoughts of my mind,
and the looks in my eyes.
These words bring me here.
To you,
to fight for the final battle.
I can’t make you love me.
I can’t tell you
what you should see.
I sit here dreaming
of my mistakes,
the mistake which I create.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it and am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special….

New Music Paul Walker!

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Hey Everyone.

Just thought I should let you have about an AMAZING artist call Paul Walker who grew up in Belfast. He is 20 years old and he is a singer songwriter, if you like electronic and acoustic music then you would LOVE HIM. Check his sound cloud  out NOW. !!!!! Don’t miss out on a chance to hear new music. If you want to hear more about him then also check out his Facebook page and Youtube page (the links are below) 





Take some time out of your day and listen to some great music !!! 😉