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Thinking Out Loud

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I want to not feel
To not feel this pain
To not accept the responsibility that I now face
I want to bring back time
To see that face once again
To have that dance that would never end
I want to believe
To have faith
To trust my judgment
I want to understand
To know why life turned out this way
To not count the hours within the day
I want to dream
To close my eyes and disappear
To feel something that’s not there
I want to find something
To believe in something
To find a way
To live another day
To put one step forward
And to not take ten steps back
To move on and keep smiling
To preach on what I say instead of acting
I want to leave this world with a memory
Just so I can end this story



The Lie

The Lie





Sometimes I feel like am living a lie,
Should I just sit down and cry
The worst part of it is that it hurts inside.
For me to deny the feeling is something I cannot do
As the pain will not fade away it wants to live here for another day
I hope the pain doesn’t age
I hope you can take it away like you did the last time
The last time when you was mine
Do you feel the same?
There could be a chance that you might feel the same
But what if you don’t could I be the one to blame.
I want to know what this feeling is
Is it love or heartbreak
The truth is I still love you
But I act like I am okay
Do you feel the same too
I just thought I should tell you
So should I keep living the lie, or tell the truth

One &Only

I worship you today, with every word that I say.
I close my eyes and see you there.
When I think of you I have no fear.
The fear of being alone and feeling torn.
But with your love now yesterday was history and today has been born.
There is no God like you, you have made dreams come true.
Which is why I can live to see another day
To watch HIS power grow; from dark to light, from happy to sad.
There is no end to his glory, to his faith, to his mercy.
He’s holy has brought me from where I am today

Be Still

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When darkness comes remember that I am here
When the sun rises remember that I am near
When it rains remember the good times
When you think of me think of happy thoughts
Thoughts that can be cherished
Memories that can be shared with our loved ones
Walk away from the sad ones because I am not gone
In your hearts I am there
In your memories I am there
Every step you take and every move you make I am near
Be still
And know that I am with you
As I live in your hearts
We will never be apart

Forget It

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Forget the past think of the further.
Forget the haters care about the lovers.
Forget about your fears just dry your tears.
Forget what you have done just turn it around.
Forget about what happened yesterday live for today.
Forget about what others say because you are not that person anyways.
Forget about the bad days there is always going to be a good day.
Forget about you fails just bring yourself up.
Forget about the lies believe the truth.
Forget about being sad be happy.
Forget about death live life to the fullest.
Forget about it everything just be you.


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What does it mean?
Does it mean people trusting each other I
think it means two people hanging out with each other?
But a friendship is so much more,
friendship is something that everyone can doer.
Others think it is; People to hang around with, you enjoy their company.
To be a friend you have to someone that is friendly, funny, lovable, honest,
To listen to what someone says, a person that helps you out no matter what happens
Who is also respectful trust and worthy.
This is what people want in a friend
But people wish that they had friendship like others.
Some people say that they want a friend like with their mothers and fathers.
People have their ride or die friends
But sometimes they end up stabbing you in the back when you are not ready to fight back.
Friendship is hard to come by
You wish that your perfect friend will just come out of the sky.
There is a chance of that happening.


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For what man should stand alone.
Weeping away, beating the rain from hitting the ground.
People ignore him like they don’t hear a sound.
He wasn’t the man that made them proud.
Forgiven they said but not forgotten they whispered.
The falling man looked up into the sky
And asked Lord do you hear my cry, do you see what is in front of me,
I stand alone this night by tomorrow I should be gone,
Will they say sorry, no am in the wrong.

He decided to take his final step and dried his eyes.
Then a light from the sky hits his face.
He knew that someone heard his cry.
He knew that he was being watched over, cared for, and loved.
At that moment, he understood that he had to live.
No matter what other people said.
He was misunderstood misread.
He took a step back and walked away,
From then he believed that everything was going to be okay.