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For what man should stand alone.
Weeping away, beating the rain from hitting the ground.
People ignore him like they don’t hear a sound.
He wasn’t the man that made them proud.
Forgiven they said but not forgotten they whispered.
The falling man looked up into the sky
And asked Lord do you hear my cry, do you see what is in front of me,
I stand alone this night by tomorrow I should be gone,
Will they say sorry, no am in the wrong.

He decided to take his final step and dried his eyes.
Then a light from the sky hits his face.
He knew that someone heard his cry.
He knew that he was being watched over, cared for, and loved.
At that moment, he understood that he had to live.
No matter what other people said.
He was misunderstood misread.
He took a step back and walked away,
From then he believed that everything was going to be okay.


When the time comes you will know,
You will hold on to something and never let go.
Leaving all your bad time behind,
Putting yourself in front of the line,
Making sure you are a leader,
Making sure you’re a winner, a believer.
No matter what gets in your way you know that you will be fine
Because you are who you are,
You don’t want to change for anyone
Because you know that you are someone.
Thinking that everyone is on your side but they just lied,
Hold your head up with pride
Let them know nothing can put you down
Because you are a fighter.


We would cover our eyes
not to see the lies,
we would cover our ears,
to not hear the fears,
we protect our hearts from pain,
we try to open our minds,
to see what things we can gain.
we stay in control
yet hold onto things we can’t maintain.
we speak on what we see,
and preach about things,
that is needed to be seen,
we walk through the path,
that which was given to us,
never seeing the path,
which is right for us?
we stand, by what we know,
and stay away from things,
that would help us grow,
because we don’t like change,
suffering is what we go through,
to get to where we are.
through this, we come out fighting,
having the will to still keep on trying.
there is no denying,
that our thoughts haunt us,
but as we see, that the end is near,
that’s when we realise
what we are doing, is right for us.
Its right being here,
hard work is what we have gained,
courage is what we now have,
with our feet, we show others what we can do,
With our tongue we speak,
on the words that are true.
Because we followed a path, our path,
the one which from the start you said
we can never do.

Spoken Word part 2

I need you.
I need you to help me understand why you think a man like you can’t do no wrong.
Why you believe when a man puts his foot down that’s the end of the story.
Help me understand how you know the meaning of sorry.
Because I want to know,
I want to know why you think I should grow up and follow your rules, like am some fool of the streets.
Help me understand the meaning of power, as you use as an honor.
You see a real man would never put his hands on a lady.
A real man would show other boys how to treat their baby.
If you did this I would have treated you like a king,
You better pray to Jesus before I commit a sin.
I know the war ain’t over because the battle has just begun.
Round one we fight, you hit, I slap, you kick,
Then I react, you change direction, I fall, you move to the left, whiles I crawl to safety.
You stop then and look at me then realise what you’ve have done to the person you call your baby.
Should we of fought maybe, maybe not,
But I can tell you what I learned a lesson that day some practices can’t be taught.

Keep Up The Fight,

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Don’t let other voices change your Mind.
Don’t let suffering tender your Heart.
Don’t allow other people rule your Life.
Don’t let your pain affect your Actions.
Don’t stick to what you know, explore what you don’t Know.
Don’t be a follower when you are destined to be a Leader.
Don’t allow the negative opinions to suffer a new Experience.
If you are unable to see the light, then you are unable to overcome Fear.
If you live your life through another person’s eyes, then you would be unable to see what you can Accomplish.
If you don’t do what you want to do then you would forever experience of what could have Been.
If you fight for what you feel is right then you would always feel like a Winner.