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what makes sense

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I see the world filled with fear
I see the world filled with pain.
I see the world. What can I gain?

What does this mean?
Days turning from bad to worse
God gave me life
To which is seen as a curse
When things get bad to worse is life a cure
I see the world for what it really is.
A shallow place that we have to live.

I see the world filled with fear.
I see the world filled with pain.
I see the world. What can I gain?

No change has given
Because no fucks were given
It’s the past repeating history
What makes it worse there is no mystery
Everything is in black and white
The world is now reporting old history
This is nothing new to me.

I see the world filled with fear.
I see the world filled with pain.
I see the world. What can I gain?

From living here.
Show me that bright light so that I can disappear
I don’t want to live in a world where you have to shed a tear.
I don’t want to live in a world where there is no love
I don’t want to live in a world there stars don’t shine above.
I don’t want to beg for the things that are free
I’m sorry if this is new as it’s not for me.

I see the world filled with fear.
I see the world filled with pain.
I see the world. What can I gain?

Nothing is making sense
Everything is a blur
I live with shadows of the likes of good men.
I live with the suffering on which is also brought on men.
Where we go again.
Let history be that example of a change
Let that change be something that we can maintain

So that I don’t see a world filled with fear
So that I don’t see a world filled with pain
So that I see a world filled with hope
That is what I would like that gain.


The place where I was once loved

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The place where I was once loved


I have been looking,
to find a place of my own,
a place I can call home,
I dream to once more
see the light,
as it, escape the darkness.

Once I was able,
to lift myself up,
start again,
those words you spoke,
I knew it came, from a friend,
those colors I did not see,
replaced the grey clouds,
that stood on top of me.

The touch from you,
which I felt was wrong,
I should not have allowed,
my emotions,
to get the best of me,
yet those memories we shared,
I will cherish faithfully.

Now I know, it was not the place,
I could call my own,
just not the place,
I could call my own.

Am Sorry

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Am Sorry

Am sorry, I am sorry for what I have done.
I am sorry for believing that you were my number one.
I am sorry for crying myself to sleep.
I am sorry for not doing what you told me to do.
I am sorry for treating you like a kid.
I am sorry for forgiving you the days that you hit me.
I am sorry for thinking that you can change.
I am sorry if I started acting strangely.
I am sorry for telling you that I love you.
I am sorry for ever falling in love with you.
I am sorry for the pain I caused myself, the fact that I didn’t run away.
I am sorry for placing your gun in my hands.
I am sorry for the sound “BANG” “BANG” “BANG”.
I am sorry for making you bleed,
Watching you die, it didn’t even make me cry.
What I am mostly sorry for was even saying bye.


A Wonderful Poetic Journey

A Wonderful Poetic Journey

Throughout my book, you will find a range of writings about family, relationships, religion and random thoughts wittingly woven to give inspiration.

 “I Can Do Bad”

Everyone has a price to pay, 
when they have a lot to say. 
For the good of life is not have something that you want, 
it’s having something that you need. 
Running from the rain 
because you don’t want to feel the pain. 
The pain in which you might of cause looking 
back on the game you just lost. 
Betting that it is all over even though you just started; 
standing on your two feet, putting a brave face on, 
you don’t want people to think something was wrong. 
To wonder to dream where it all went wrong,
your heart must move on. 
Searching for all the wrong reasons, 
living another person life is not a great feeling. 
I can do bad all by myself.

Let Just My Thoughts take you on a wonderful poetic journey and adventure and discover messages within the verses.


Sharon Olds, “The Urn”

Congrats to Sharon Olds for winning the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

My name is Eileen Kezia Tekyi, am 19 years old and I have a passion for music, drawing and poetry. I am a very positive person i also like to observe things around me.

If you like poetry too then you should check out my book called Just My Thoughts. I tend to write poems which people are able to relate to such as relationships, trust issues and love. Here is one of my poems form my book, I hope you enjoy E




My heart is like a flower.
When I am around you the flower is healthy.
When I am away from you the petals start falling
And when I know I will never be with you the flowers dies.