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We would cover our eyes
not to see the lies,
we would cover our ears,
to not hear the fears,
we protect our hearts from pain,
we try to open our minds,
to see what things we can gain.
we stay in control
yet hold onto things we can’t maintain.
we speak on what we see,
and preach about things,
that is needed to be seen,
we walk through the path,
that which was given to us,
never seeing the path,
which is right for us?
we stand, by what we know,
and stay away from things,
that would help us grow,
because we don’t like change,
suffering is what we go through,
to get to where we are.
through this, we come out fighting,
having the will to still keep on trying.
there is no denying,
that our thoughts haunt us,
but as we see, that the end is near,
that’s when we realise
what we are doing, is right for us.
Its right being here,
hard work is what we have gained,
courage is what we now have,
with our feet, we show others what we can do,
With our tongue we speak,
on the words that are true.
Because we followed a path, our path,
the one which from the start you said
we can never do.