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Its Me.. Not you

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I smile because you haven’t seen the best of me
You haven’t seen me, whole heartily
You wish you stepped in my shoes
You dream to walk beside me
You live your life through me
I am stronger than you think
I rise with a second glance
I leap towards the future
I chose to be a thinker
To always believe
To never let a day past by
To always achieve
My one and only goal is to aim high.


Keep Up The Fight,

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Don’t let other voices change your Mind.
Don’t let suffering tender your Heart.
Don’t allow other people rule your Life.
Don’t let your pain affect your Actions.
Don’t stick to what you know, explore what you don’t Know.
Don’t be a follower when you are destined to be a Leader.
Don’t allow the negative opinions to suffer a new Experience.
If you are unable to see the light, then you are unable to overcome Fear.
If you live your life through another person’s eyes, then you would be unable to see what you can Accomplish.
If you don’t do what you want to do then you would forever experience of what could have Been.
If you fight for what you feel is right then you would always feel like a Winner.