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Im into you

Sometimes I wonder what you are doing…
If you wish you was with me…
Do you want a ride in my fantasy..
I can’t help but loving you with my all…
Im into you..with all your flaws…
I hope you can take it all..


Im sorry, Im a mess 5

Havent had someone that listens..haven’t had someone who is so a mess you see. I know its a lot take me..a brush a smile on like everythings okay. They it can be though..because i have you today..its not an ordinary day..i feel a bit better today..talking..talking to you..making sure that im okay..people need to do that more you see…they forget that everyday im not as strong as you see..but talking a mess yes…i shouldn’t lay my mind to rest…i havent even lived through my best days yet..i wonder whats gonna happen next…Next time i will hold on to someones helping hand..maybe next time..i will be fine.

Keep it between us

Its funny how you see me.
Its funny that I’ve allowed you to see me.
All of me.
Filling me up completely.
Loving me.
Loving me completely.
I sometimes don’t allow myself to see me.
But you see through me.
Through the pain that I don’t show.
Through that smile
Through my glow.
You have become everything.
Everything that means so much to me.
Still filling me up completely.
Wishing that we met sooner rather than later.
Im I living that happily ever after.
Moments later I’m stunned by your beauty.
That look that you give means everything to me.
Smiling because I’m winning.
Your heart is my trophy.
Your love is my glory.
Never let us be a memory.
We have now become something for what others it couldn’t be.

Spoken Word part 3

You see what I did there I treated you fair but it seems to me like you just don’t care anymore. I think it’s time for me to close the door on this relationship but I have the tendency to leave things open. It’s strange how you know the right words to say you know how it moves me every day. That’s what I loved you for we were meant to be together to last forever but some things don’t work as it seems. You would tell me fairy tale stories to keep me close which was why I never wanted to wake up form this dream. As days goes by I realised that they were just words you lacked compassion so I prayed for some action. And all I got was rejection and how I am looking at my refection asking myself why am I here. I need a man not a boy not a person who plays with me like i’m their favourite toy. I want a person who is a provider, a lover you loves me all of me inside and out because the booty is not what am about. These are the things that I need and what you can’t give. So let me just walk away slowly and close the door so a good man can open the door and give me more.

Behind A Home

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You left me with nothing
Just with the mind of a misunderstanding child
Left and alone.
I was lost even though I was at home
The happiness which you brought came to an end
The love that was once there has come to past.
The words that I don’t speak keeps you entertained
You walk like justice shouldn’t be deserved
What you have seen today is unheard

Not my fault, you can’t open your eyes to realise that it’s all gone
This house was never a home
Your faith will only be there if you stay strong
The respect I had for you can’t be mended as it is tainted by the lies.
There’s a story through my cries.
I cried because of you.
Your tender heart is the one thing that I am missing.
I say you left me with nothing
Just with the mind of a misunderstanding child,
Left alone . . . .