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Im sorry, Im a mess 5

Havent had someone that listens..haven’t had someone who is so a mess you see. I know its a lot take me..a brush a smile on like everythings okay. They it can be though..because i have you today..its not an ordinary day..i feel a bit better today..talking..talking to you..making sure that im okay..people need to do that more you see…they forget that everyday im not as strong as you see..but talking a mess yes…i shouldn’t lay my mind to rest…i havent even lived through my best days yet..i wonder whats gonna happen next…Next time i will hold on to someones helping hand..maybe next time..i will be fine.


Im a sorry, Im a mess 4

Im a mess you see..but i feel like you are starting to get you understand me..we live in a world..filled with hatred and anger..if we move quickly maybe i will see you the world that i call sorry im a mess..but its the only thing i have that’s home..nobody understands because they haven’t been in my shoes..they walk the walk..the talk the talk…but i but they still feel alone…alone with their thoughts…a sad place to live in…they really need someone to talk to..maybe i have you can i call you a friend.

Im sorry, Im a mess 3

You say its okay…but look at you really want me to stay..i say that im okay..pretend like things will just go away..but everytime i wake up there are still a mess..cant put keep myself together…you have have one another..i have a lost soul..that cant get their shit together..makes me wonder..shall we leave together it would be our happily ever after..


Its a mess..
I mean everything just a mess..
I dont know if i am coming or going..
I hide because its my only option…
Are you gonna say something

I just told you what im going through…
And all you have to say is poor you…
You see my pain as normal..
That i should learn cope..
But you understand..
I thought talking to you would get it off my chest..

I lay in bed..
Hoping that tomorrow won’t be the same as today or yesterday…
Can you imagine waking up..
With a smile..
Waking up fresh…
Waking up feeling different..
Feeling new

Why dont you understand..
You hear me..
But you wont listen to me..
Im i wrong for believe i found a cure..
In you..
Im i the issues..
Im i the fool…

No no that cant be right..
I did the right thing..
I opened up..
I talked…
I shared…
I shared my strong..
Wrong place..
But maybe it was the right time.

Time to come out..
Time to heal..
Time to show my world how i truly feel…
So this is my confession

My empire

Only want people around me that believe in me..and who want the same thing.
Only want people around that give me wisdom that i need on my bad days…
Only want people around who true to me and themselves
Only want people around that give my
Only want people around me that i can lean on..
Only want people around me that complete my vision
Only want people around that know what they are doing..
Only want people around that want to see me fly

Because of you

We’ve been through toooo much for me to start with a new.
A new chapter….
A new lifestyle….
A new movement…
A new you…
People try to replace your love…
Trying to keep it fresh..
But my heart is old and dirty because of your mess…
I try to keep it clean..
But thoughts of you keep going through my head…
Ive been through too much with you..
To lay our love to rest.

Over and Over

I dont need no remedy
But i need your healing
Because ive stop believe
Give me a sign
Otherwise im leaving
Not coming back
Cant turn back
Its all on your hands
Come on talk to me
Do you have a master plan
You take and forget to give
You speak with a lost soul
Love should always be true
And never based on a lies
Love is meant to keep you safe
Not something that you cant unidentity
Where have you gone
Do you have the tools to repair this heart
Do you see where im coming from
Or convinced yourself its all in my head
The pain wont faded away
It was sheltered with smiles and laughter
Bulid me up
Give me something that i could love
Dont let me down
Find the reason for this healing
Bring this love to a whole new meaning
A reason for understanding.