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Im into you

Sometimes I wonder what you are doing…
If you wish you was with me…
Do you want a ride in my fantasy..
I can’t help but loving you with my all…
Im into you..with all your flaws…
I hope you can take it all..


Dear future me

Things to remember & never forget.
Learn to be happy.
Fall in love
Hold your head high
Always place a smile on your face
Never give up
Stand in your truth
Use your words wisely
Speak on your beliefs
Praise God every day
Stay beautiful
Don’t look back
Turn heads
Move with like-minded people
Live like you are living
Enjoy every special moment
Keep the past with the past
Read to learn
Celebrate everything
Leave negative people
Find peace of mind
Time was never your best friend
Please think things through
Understand your truth
Comments don’t let it always get to you
Be real for being you
Love yourself
Your self-worth is important
Remember dreams are real
This reality doesn’t have to last long
God is always with you
Allow everything to keep you strong

Forget It

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Forget the past think of the further.
Forget the haters care about the lovers.
Forget about your fears just dry your tears.
Forget what you have done just turn it around.
Forget about what happened yesterday live for today.
Forget about what others say because you are not that person anyways.
Forget about the bad days there is always going to be a good day.
Forget about you fails just bring yourself up.
Forget about the lies believe the truth.
Forget about being sad be happy.
Forget about death live life to the fullest.
Forget about it everything just be you.