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Take me there – Part 3

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Take me to the water
Where I can smarter
Where ill feel taller

Lead me to the land
Where my seed will grow
Allow my spirit to flow

Heal my soul up high
Let me fly
Don’t let time to pass to walk by

Allow my heart to see
The sacrifices made for me
Heal me internally

Remove my worries
Allow me to break down
So i can see it how
Im the person who wears the crown.


Life Goal

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Achieving greatness.
That is my goal
Coming together
I bless your heart and soul
Preach on what is given
Let my life be your learned lesson
See my wisdom as pay back of what you earned
I spoke to soon again.. another lesson learned

Keep it between us

Its funny how you see me.
Its funny that I’ve allowed you to see me.
All of me.
Filling me up completely.
Loving me.
Loving me completely.
I sometimes don’t allow myself to see me.
But you see through me.
Through the pain that I don’t show.
Through that smile
Through my glow.
You have become everything.
Everything that means so much to me.
Still filling me up completely.
Wishing that we met sooner rather than later.
Im I living that happily ever after.
Moments later I’m stunned by your beauty.
That look that you give means everything to me.
Smiling because I’m winning.
Your heart is my trophy.
Your love is my glory.
Never let us be a memory.
We have now become something for what others it couldn’t be.

Imagine That ?

This poem is a poem that i collaborated with  the wonderful Patricia 🙂 Enjoy

you never know all the things you can accomplish
unless you put forth and try
lets not defeat before we consider things
we have to face our fears and look them straight in the eye

The best things in life are free
Life is a lesson
That is why you should count every blessings
Be true to who you are
Because you never know you could be that shining star

each day is a gift

keep smiling it could actually lift
someone who is feeling down
just your presence and radiance can make a difference
when it surrounds

We live for those special moments
Where something can make a difference
Where you can shout out and say that you was a witness
Where you dont have to wait in line
Imagine that, imagine no one left behind.

Two poets collaborating together
bring sunshine and smiles no matter the weather
never met before before its okay
they have skills and connect anyway
they are rhyming with each other quickly back to back
no one would have thought they could – imagine that


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Worry about you,
I worry that my dream won’t come true.
I worry that God didn’t see it through.
I worry about you.
I worry about the painted thoughts people have drawn about you.
I worry about the paths you take, the movements that you make.
I worry about you.

I worry that you don’t see the love I have that I have for you within.
I worry about you because you are unable to see yourself the way as I do.
We live in a world where everyone needs a shell to protect themselves.

I worry about you because you won’t let me be your shell.
I want to look after you, wake up to you, tell you that you look beautiful.
I want to love you, grow with you, be with you.

But you won’t let me because you say the past is something that you just can’t undo.
That’s one reason why I worry about you because you allow the past to haunt you.
You say that I don’t need to worry about you because you are fine,
But what you don’t understand is that’s the hardest thing you have ever asked me to do.


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There’s a girl that meets this boy
They fall in love, but he treats her like a toy
She doesn’t understand why
She loves him
Deep down she really cares about him
He lives far away so she won’t be able to see him
To hold him and hug the way she wants to
Sadly, she knows it can never be true.
She holds on to him because she can’t be alone
Her friends don’t know why she still won’t leave him alone
A day goes by and she is still falling for this guy
He knows she is not shy
The love and hate that’s between them is shocking
For some reason it looks like they believe in their dream
To be together to stay together forever and ever.