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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Out Of The Box – Radio Show based in Liverpool

Happy to announce that Out Of The Box next show will be on the 6th March!!!

We will be having The Nightmare Edition and Sarah O Hara on the show…we will also be playing great music form Liverpool.

The Nightmare Edition is a rock band from Liverpool. check their soundcloud &&Facebook out:


Sarah O Hara is a journalist and check out her articles:……

They’re both liverpool based bands/events


Time for a change

Have you ever wondered about peoples and their lives
What it will be like if your were not in it

Have you ever had something in your hand
Then started thinking why dont I just bin it
Maybe you stop yourself because of what it holds inside of it

Have you ever looked at something and just get so upset
Possibly because you know cant have it, or glad that you are not in it.

You try to make a goal and it hurts when you dont reach it
So you put a smile on your face to not show that they were right
Because inside you know you know you still want to fight,

But they just dont understand
Because they are not you,
They dont know what you have to go through.

So to show them you can make it if you try again
Then it hits you its time for a change
To change their minds
Even if it feels strange

Radio show: Out of The Box

Out Of The Box is a brand new radio show airing on LCR Liverpool Community Radio Friday 6th February! This show is intreasted in the local music scene within liverpool. It takes place at the start of every month, highlighting any events that will be taking place within the month ahead. An interview will also be taking place with the new and upcoming Liverpool band named: Stars of 99. Local music will be played throughout the show, so if any local bands are interested in getting there music played on the radio, like the page and get in touch with radio facebook page: