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Life is hard

people say life is hard
sometimes they are right
sometimes they are wrong
sometimes it depends on the kind of life you are living
sometimes it is about the place the world has put you in
sometimes is mind over matter
sometimes it’s about finding yourself and living happily ever after
sometimes it is all about timing
sometimes it’s just the life that we live in
sometimes you are looking at things from a different position
sometimes there is something that you are missing
sometimes life is hard
But when you find yourself
Things can be a little easier
Because there is less pressure
That’s when you will feel your life being less hard

The Norm

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Tell me what do you see
A mother crying
A father in agony
Or a child just wishing to be free
Tell me
Tell me what you see
A nation asking for justice
Constructed by the notion of hatred
Created by weak-minded people
Its strength and love that holds people together
That’s the reality
But it’s not what you see
The media presents a different reality
That we will never be free
Because being free means equality
To which can never be
Because you don’t see me as neighbour
This makes it harder
Harder to come together
My mind causes conflict with yours
Knowledge is power
It’s your choice to observe it of course
There is no wrong or right way to take action
It’s all about the reason behind the action
It’s not just for attention
It’s to show you that there is darkness in life
But you can bring the light
We can work for justice
That’s if you are ready to fight
But if you are not
Then why are you here
What is your sense of reality
Because I do not follow what you preach
Let me explain to you
What I seek is what to preach
I keep my eyes open and my mouth never shut
Never afraid of the world around me
This is how I grew up
Always fight to die what is right
Keep in touch
But before you go
Tell me what you see
I want to know
I feel its I feel it’s necessary to tell me what you see


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When we need to push
We do what we got to do
We keep our head high
And never stop fighting
We lift our hearts with song
We pray every day to carry on
We never look back
The past needs to be left there

See you soon

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See you soon

it was lovely in the beginning
I was happy all the time
I wanted nothing but the best for you
we came together and formed a union
where did the love go

it was beautiful
I couldn’t stop smiling
I shared everything with you
we were best friends
where did the love go

our kiss always felt magical
you knew everything about me
I knew everything about you
we had something real
so where did the love go

time passes
&& things change
love becomes strange.
when that happens I guess its time to say bye.



word up…

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I lift you up
but you keep putting me down
yet you wonder why I have an upside drown frown
it’s better than the fake crown you gave me
the one you brought at the outlet store for 39p
that’s how much I am worth to you
I never had a clue
I thought you loved me
I guess I was wrong about that too
so you know what
fuck you
fuck everything about you
this is the end between me and you.


take it in

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close your eyes
count to ten
breathe in
breathe out
and now let’s begin
don’t think about anyone but yourself
know yourself
learn who you are
never worry about anything else but you
if you are doing the correct thing then that’s all that matters


Harmful Love

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Harmful Love

Love isn’t always sweet
Love can be sour
Love doesn’t always lift you up
Love can be harmful
Don’t take to much of it,  it can be harmful
Love changes people
Love break hearts
Love is the reason why I’ve fallen apart
Love doesn’t heal all things
Your love should be a sin
Your love isn’t pure
Your love is not something that I adore
Your love hurts people
Your love confuses the way I think
Your love never allowed me to think
Your love play games
Your love only good at playing tricks
Your love is not the right fit
Your love is harmful
Never again will I take another dose
Never again will I listen to your lies
Never again will I treat your love like a beautiful surprise
Never again will I live in it
Your love will never change
You will always be the same
Always making excuses
Never taking the blame.
It’s such a shame
I’ve decided to move on to a new love
Maybe this time I’ll see something different
Maybe it will bring me joy
That’s something significant

As its something that I’ve never had
What a beautiful time to be glad.




At what cost

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I would like to be that the best things in life are free
I would also like to believe that I can do all things
Through the love of christ strengthen me
I would like to believe that I can make a change to this world
I would like to believe we are all diamonds shining like pearls
I would like to believe that hard  pays off
I would like to believe that living my truth will never come at a cost
I would like to believe anything can happen
I would like to believe that God placed me on this earth for a reason
I would like to believe that this is not the end of me
it’s only just the beginning

Finding a way

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I got to find a way
I live for better days
I got to find a way
You live and you learn
Stay away from the fire
Touch it and you will get burned
Moving on
Trying to find what is rightfully mine
I don’t want to miss anything
I want to be able to see
I think I might be blind

Finding a way can be hard at times
Working out what is mine
Well the help of God love

I will find what is mine

Undercover Lover

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Last night I saw you
But you didn’t see me
You wondered around the area
You looked so happy.. so free
But you didn’t see me
I waved to you
For some reason, you didn’t say hi
You wear my favourite perfume
The one I saw you buy
Your favourite colour is blue
The colour that you wear often
I know you thought I’ve forgotten
You arrive to work on time every day
But you were late today
You got stuck in traffic that what people thought
You overslept…
Well that’s what your mum thought
I pretended that I didn’t know better
But I did
I pretended we were happily married with a kid
What people thought was true
It was actually a lie
The joy of happiness inside me
No one can hear you cry
You scream when I walk past your house
Don’t you remember me
I’m the shadow that you see in the dark
My love never came at a cost
It was free
I crept up to you from behind
You looked so frightened
I thought now your mine
I pulled you closer and as you tried to runaway
Then you hit your head against the door handle
That’s what I’ll say
In was in the middle of the night saw no one saw us
You keep running away from me
I thought there was something between
I’ve caught you now
You cant run nor hide
I got a hold of you
We can be together now.. surprise
We will live out all of our dreams
We can explore the world
Our world
The one that no one can deny
But now your life is gone
I thought you loved me
I guess I was wrong
You acted like you didn’t know me
So it’s not my fault your gone
Its what you wanted
Or was my fault process wrong
What happened here
I guess it was the right thing to do
Now you’re gone
And there’s nothing that no one can do
You really didn’t realise how much I’ve loved you
There is a price to your love
I guess you didn’t realise mine was free
Now you’ll never know
Because you’re gone forever and a day
Your life was the price you paid
You should have loved me back
I would have allowed you to stay
And now its morning and no one has heard from you
At least we got to spend the night together
At least one of my dreams came true
Now I will let you go
Before someone sees me
Your phone keeps ringing
I wonder who is after you
Are you dealing with somebody else’s too
Let me walk out before I break down inside
I left you in the same clothes you had on before
Locking the door behind me
We can’t deal with each other no more
I’m on to someone new
They think the world of me too
But they just don’t know my intentions yet
You were just a safe bet
I got lucky
You are out of my life now
It’s a win-win situation for both of us
I can see it now
I’m free cause you are not around
I see your next-door neighbor
The one with the pretty smile
Their the lucky ones
Cause I have a new victim now.