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I have wings at the back so I can fly.
I don’t care how hard it is as long as I can touch the sky.
Once I hit the clouds then I know am high.
Will duck down when the rain starts to pour
Watch me spread my wings beautiful and decor.
What Im worth would lead your imagination to so much more.
I have wings at the back so I can fly.
I don’t care how hard it is as long as I can touch the sky.


Credit Due

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Why is it that we don’t give ourselves enough credit.
When someone compliments us, we can turn it into negativity.
When someone wants to be there for us, we feel like we are not worthy.
When we achieve something great in life we believe we could have done more.
When we are loved by people, we feel that we shouldn’t be adored.
When we prove others wrong, we wish we could have done it sooner.
When new things enter our lives, we push them away.
When we make commitments to each other and ourselves, we later regret them.
When we look back and see how far we come, we tend to think about what we didn’t do. When are we gonna realise that blessing that comes to you is because of you.
We should always give ourselves credit when credit it due.
We should always be thankful for what we have and what we do not have.
We should always look at the light and stay away from darkness.
We should always love the things that we do and never stop.
We should always believe and prove to ourselves and never judge.
We should always learn how to trust and take risks because you never know what can exist.
When you give yourself credit you show others what you are made of.

One &Only

I worship you today, with every word that I say.
I close my eyes and see you there.
When I think of you I have no fear.
The fear of being alone and feeling torn.
But with your love now yesterday was history and today has been born.
There is no God like you, you have made dreams come true.
Which is why I can live to see another day
To watch HIS power grow; from dark to light, from happy to sad.
There is no end to his glory, to his faith, to his mercy.
He’s holy has brought me from where I am today


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If You Dont

It was my mistake.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it, am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special,
to feel right.
To be at peace.
“I’ve dreamed
about this happening,
people do say
some dream doesn’t come true.
Believing in yourself
was a job?
loving you was a career.
Thank you
for casting away
all my deepest fears.
Thank you for being there.
These words I need
to make clear,
to show you
the outline of my heart,
the thoughts of my mind,
and the looks in my eyes.
These words bring me here.
To you,
to fight for the final battle.
I can’t make you love me.
I can’t tell you
what you should see.
I sit here dreaming
of my mistakes,
the mistake which I create.
I asked a question.
I put you up to it and am sorry.
What I did wasn’t right.
I just wanted to feel special….

I Hope You Dance

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Trying to be something you’re not,
Fighting for that one last chance,
But does it really matter,
Having something to hold on to,
When one door closes another door opens,
Sad but not forgotten,
Letting thing slip away,
We cannot always guarantee that easy things will come your way,
When everyone has a price to pay,

Are you living or existing?
Standing on a promise that turns into life,
Being alone is like listening to a sad song,
With all the might  you have,
Feel tall, even if bits of you feel small,
You’ve got to fight for love with all your fears behind you,
A smile can go a long way.

Wishing on a star,
Hoping it comes true,
Having faith is the key,
The key that can open doors,
With that one chance it can bring out so much more.